Our Brand New Elite Player Development 1-1 Plan is here

And we have upgraded massively

We now take you through a whole 6 month plan

Assess -> Correct -> Build Strength -> Build Power

And we have made it even easier using a new app

Fully interactive with online assessments and sending you every day of your program straight to an app on your phone

Every workout, set, rep and video all in the palm of your hand

Now this isnt for everyone

Only for those serious about their game and playing at the highest level possible 

The ability to do it anywhere with basic gym kit

If you have the ambition and talent then this is for you

There is nothing like this out there....

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The 4 Main Areas We Cover

Movement Correctives

We get to fix the issues with your body that have been holiding back your game and fitness

Strength Training for Your Role

Then we add the correct strength for you to put you in the best place to enhance your game

Aerobic and Anaerobic Sessions

With all sorts of CV work, from sprints to 2k runs, row, cross trainer, strongman work we cover everything

Specific Position Power Drills

Then get really specific to the needs of the position you play, whether Fast Bowler, Batter or Keeper

Once you join you will instanstly have an email informing you of the next steps

The first 4 weeks will be about correcting movement faults

After this we will assess your physical capabilities and put the right fitness plan in place for the next 2 months, including CV work

Then we finish with game and role specific development

Each workout sent directly to your iPhone

Using the Train Heroic app makes the process as simple and easy to follow as possible. We want the maximum experience for you and to be able to smash your goals

App Includes:

  • Every day of your workout
  • Videos of every exercise
  • Ability to add every weight you lift
  • Wellbeing scores so we can keep track of your health
  • Peace of mind that you know how to complete each exercise or drill how it should be done

Movement Correction

This is an area people miss out on massively, but it is absoulutley crucial. We take you through our brand new movement testing using the tools we have seen that have the most impact upon helping you move better

And once you move better it makes a massive differnece to being able to help your technique

What this stage includes:

  • initial assessment
  • Movement correction plan
  • Integrated with foundational strength 

Strength & Power

We allow you to be able to test your strength and range before ptting the exact plan you need in place

We then build your strength and in the last stage get real specific, so whatever your position we have you covered

Stages Included:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Bowling assessment
  • Strength & Specific Power programs

Aerobic and Anaerobic Work

We are ramping up the CV

Covering longer distance, some time trials and more sprint work (including technical running help) we have got everything to help

A good cardio system underpins performance, its something we dont neglect

Videos Included:

  • 2k time trial 
  • Speed endurance sessions
  • Pure speed work

Are you ready to start the journey to become the best player you possibly could?

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The 1 to 1 program I recieved has got to be one of the best programs out there!  

A professional program that the top athletes are using and it’s available for regular club players like myself and that in itself is truly incredible.  

Its really helped me since I’ve started using it at the start of the season.  

It’s helped me to my best Birmingham league return of 30 league wickets, (2nd top wicket taker in the league) with 5 games still to go.  

I feel much more match fit and healthier in my body. I haven’t had any injuries at all this season (touch wood!!) and it’s helped me prepare on match days and get myself firing for the game.  

Even doing some of the exercises before a gym session really does help the body prepare to train and get strong!  

I know without it I wouldn’t be doing as well or as prepared before a game, and for that I’m really thankful it’s available for us regular club cricketers.  

Ive even been invited along to trial for my county which i never have before  

This really does take your game to the next level  

Cam Wallis - Club cricketer  

Since having my 1 to 1 program where on a speed gun I was clocked at 75mph.  

Dewsy and Steff put together a programme built around flexibility as my lower half is very stiff, also incorporated was some strength work and med-ball workouts for increasing power.  

In a recent session with my bowling coach in pitch vision at the indoor school at Essex ccc which has run ups of about 8 paces I had clocked multiple deliveries of a tick over 79mph with the fastest of 79.4, this is after only 4/5 weeks.  

Due to no major technical changes in my action over the last year or so only small adjustments of head position I can put it down to the excersizes and knowledge that the cricket strength guys passed on.  

Cheers Matty  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their game and body. This is as close as you can get to doing a full professional training plan. Everything is catered for you and you hve input with us, its nt a faceless app who you cant talk too. If you are commited to reall get to the best stage you can be this is for you

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a onetime fee of £499 (or 2x £250) for the online 1-1 program. This price includes all the components listed above. It also gets you online lifespan access to the course assets, member Facebook community and any other new or bonus content that may be added.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the course after 30 days, you can email us to request a full refund. Players who follow along with the program, go through all the stage will end up having amazing results

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program?

Its a 6 month program, but it is completely down to you when you start it. But once you do its 6 months until its completeion. And we leave you with things to continue with after 

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us via email and at anytime you have questions you can contact through email or the train heroic app

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