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Creating a step-by-step plan for your bowling and physical needs

We going to work with you to build you as a bowler. 

The tools we will be using




-Full Cricket Strength Intervention Continuum

-Stage 1- Mobility
Can you actually get into the positions you need to in your action?
If not the answer can be mobility and we will show you how to overcome this
-Stage 2 - Repeatability
Can you repeat the action
If not you need to be drilling it, and we will show you the corrective strength ways to do this
-Stage 3 - Stability
Can you hold the positions you need?
If no then you show you the general strength and stability methods that work in corrective strength
- Stage 4 - Transferability
Can you exert maximal strength in this position?
If no then you need to understand the importance of special strength
                                       When and where?
October 1st
Wellington School, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8NT

10am - 6pm

What you will leave with

- Full FMS program individdualised for you
- Goals based on your fitness assessments
- Full 8 week GPP program
- Full 8 week Bowling specific program
- Understanding of the importance of pre game activation
- Mediball and weighted ball integration
And a hell of a lot of experience to put into action!
                                               REMEMBER ONLY 20 PLACES AVAILABLE

Don’t Take Our Word For It

"I trained last winter using a Cricket Strength program and first started using the OCD program at the beginning of the summer. They are both excellent programs for preparing your body for the rigours of bowling, and they help you to make real gains on and off the field."

Richard Jones

Warwickshire CCC fast bowler

My game was not really going anywhere until i heard about cricket strength. I took the plunge and spent my winter doing their programs, and hell did it work, I had my best season ever and was voted player of the year 

Cam Wallis

Bridgnorth bowler & player of the season 2015

I worked with Ross after having a lot of injury trouble. He took the time to make a specific plan for me to be able to perform without injury and i hardly missed a game in the 4 years i had with him. They know their stuff alright and can make you a better player

Alan Richardson

Warwiickshire CCC Bowling Coach

Here's Exactly What You'll Get at this Unique Workshop

  • Full FMS movement screening and analysis, picking up any dysfunction that you have through your body
  • Follow on program from Front Line Performance individualised for you
  • A fitness assessmnet using the same tools as the professionals at WCCC go through every coupld weeks, with goals given
  • How to warm up using our RAMP and dysfunction protocols to help make you bullet proof from muscular injury
  • Find out what type of bowler you are, whether spring or static, and which tools you need to be using to get the most out of your gym work
  • General prep program and specialised bowling specific program

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Seminar Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

if you do not feel 100% satisifed that you will have left the seminar with all the ammunition you need to become a faster, better bolwer, then we will refund you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

We look forward to seeing you on the day


Cricket Strength